Glass Tables

Announcing the launch of our new art glass tables!

Relkie Art Glass is proud to announce the launch of their new, innovative art glass tables! These custom tables are guaranteed to please your eye and receive appreciative comments. Their unique shapes and rounded edges (like water beading on a waxed surface) give these tables a soft look, unlike the hard cold feel of normal glass tables.

These tables feature ½” glass, cut, shaped, and kiln fired to 1500 degrees, which gives us a nice, glassy rounded edge. Coloured glass is added to the top of the glass, which gets fused (melted) directly into the glass, for a permanent colour. The underside has a slight translucent texture. The base has two layers of glass for a very wild look. Stainless steel fittings and rods are used for legs, and run thru the base and are bonded to the underside of the top. Each table is hand cut and built, and each table varies from another, no two alike! Colours will vary, and you can even order tables to custom sizes, heights and colours.