Hi Neil,

We have finally moved in to our new home.
All the art you sent is absolutely beautiful! Every time we stop to admire the transom and sidelights or the stain glass lotus, we are so glad we chose your art.
Thank you for working with us. We are grateful to enjoy some of the lovely contributions you are creating to make this world a more beautiful place.

Warm regards,

Denise Lane & Tom DeHudy, Durango, Colorado
Hello Neil,
We drove down to the build site (10 hours) yesterday and saw the door glass this morning. With the builder, we opened the crate for the first time. We were delighted! It looks fantastic and best of all- the glass arrived all in one piece. Whoever packed it did a great job- thank you.
It looks beautiful and I’ll send photos when it’s all installed.

Thank you,

Emmet & Julie Roche, Kentucky
Our new window is absolutely beautiful. Neil captured the essence of the flowers in a way which lights the centre of our home with brilliant colour, regardless of the weather. It lifts my spirits whenever I see it.

Thanks, Neil!

Gwen L’Hirondelle, Squamish, B.C.
Neil Relkie is a true artisan and we are fortunate to own six of his creations.

From the delicate feathering of our eagle’s wings to the elegant lines of our great blue heron and even the streaming power of our Orcas, Neil has captured a moment in time and carved its forever moment in glass. Each piece shimmers differently in different lighting conditions like a fine jewel.

His art has made our house a home.

Jim Glassford, Nanoose, B.C.
Just wanted to let you know we received the doors on Friday and they are now installed. They look awesome. You did a great job.
Tim & Laura , M. Hawaii
All 20 twenty panels arrived in perfect condition and the exact right sizes. The artistic quality is exceptional. We are truly pleased, and everyone who sees them are breathless.
Nancy & Peter, San Diego, California
Neil is a true craftsman. We wanted a custom look and Neil worked with us to deliver exactly what we wanted. The project was well managed from start to finish – no worries and no surprises. We are extremely happy and highly recommend him.
Tim Silk, Vancouver
Relkie Art Glass has done a wonderful job on my doors and windows. We get lots of comments on the design and beauty of our art glass panels. When the sunlight strikes the art glass, it is fantastic. It has truly added value to our home.
Maria Aasen, Nanaimo, British Columbia
We commissioned a stained glass entrance from Relkie Art Glass over the internet and we were very pleased with the results. Neil kept us up to date with drawings and photos so we could be involved with the design. Our new entrance is a beautiful, unique feature of our home.
Lisa & Mike Husar, Wisconsin
Thank you very much! In a long year of working with various contractors and experiencing varying degrees of quality and customer service, you were an absolute pleasure to work with! I would recommend you to anyone.
Moira-Ann Handford, West Vancouver, British Columbia