Stained, carved and sandblasted glass doors and windows, for your living space in Edmonton- Canada.

Relkie Art Glass in Edmonton

Your home contains entrance door(s) and windows in basic, functional forms. Relkie Art Glass creates custom stained, leaded, carved and sandblasted glass that will make your entrance doors and windows alive with designs, colour and imagery that reflect your lifestyle. Relkie Art Glass’s custom art glass will define and enhance your entry ways door, sidelites and windows. Pick from one of our many designs, change colours and textures, or send us a design you would like to use. We also feature custom glass tables. Located in Osoyoos, British Columbia, we ship worldwide.


Edmonton Stained Glass Entrance Way

The entrance door to your home is the first impression you make with your home. Wow them with a custom front entry door and sidelights (sidelites). Stained, carved and sandblasted (etched) glass custom made to fit into your existing/new entrance door or sidelight. 


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Edmonton Stained Glass Doors, Sidelights, and Transoms

Relkie Art Glass carries a line of custom stained glass doors, sidelights and transoms that will beautify any home or business. These designs can be modified in size, colour and texture of glass.  Have a picture you would like done, we can work from that. Relkie Art Glass can supply you with a triple paned sealed unit to fit your existing door, sidelite or transom.

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Edmonton Stained – Leaded Windows

Bring your windows alive with decorative stained, leaded, carved and sandblasted glass, from bold statements, to subtle accents, or designed for privacy. Chose from our many designs that can be altered to suit your taste. Send us a design/picture that you like and we can build to your design. We can supply a triple paned sealed unit to fit your existing/new window.  Our decorative windows create that bathroom window privacy that you require.


Edmonton Carved and Sandblasted Art Glass

Intricate detail can be achieved using carved and sandblasted (etched) glass. Three dimensional relief carved into heavy float glass for a WOW! look. Sandblasted (surface, etched) glass uses shading for the perception of depth. Combined with our finger friendly glass edges, and you have an astonishing piece of art. Carved and sandblasted (etched) can be used in entry ways, exterior door, interior door, on a pony (half) wall, or as signage. 


Relkie Art Glass in Edmonton