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Entrance Glass

Show off your home with a Stained Glass Entrance Way.

Your front entrance is the first impression upon your guests. Make it a grand entry, designed especially for you!

Be it stained glass, carved or sandblasted, our creations will enhance your style.

All our entrance glass features triple paned tempered glass sealed units for strength and safety, which meets all building and safety codes. Relkie Art Glass, can supply you with a complete entrance, including door (wood, fiberglass, metal) and jamb (edge grain fir, paint grade) for new construction or renovations. We can also supply you with a NAFS certified entrance.

We commissioned a stained glass entrance from Relkie Art Glass over the internet and we were very pleased with the results. Neil kept us up to date with drawings and photos so we could be involved with the design. Our new entrance is a beautiful, unique feature of our home.
Lisa and Mike Husar, Wisconsin