Stained Leaded Windows

Do you want to bring some nice rich colour into your room? Accent the décor with subtle clear textured glass? Have a view of something you would rather not see? Do you require privacy, so no one can see in?

Our stained glass windows are the answers to these questions. From colourful scenery pictures to muted abstracts, we can design something specifically to your home and taste. We can supply you with a triple paned unit sealed that will fit directly into your existing window frame, or your new window. Panels can be placed over top existing windows as well. We can also supply you a complete new window frame and glass. We work closely with a local window company here in Nanaimo, and our complete windows come with NAFS certification.

Remember, we are a custom glass company, designs, colours and sizes can be changed to your specifications!

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All 20 twenty panels arrived in perfect condition and the exact right sizes. The artistic quality is exceptional. We are truly pleased, and everyone who sees them are breathless.
Nancy and Peter, San Diego, California